Rolling out the crimson carpet, mellow moments and tranquil tones Horan hosted a gig that felt like a home away from home from the comfort of a living room it was that luxuriate. A balance of nostalgic One Direction’s classic catalogue, a medley mix of modern and ceaseless covers, unreleased surprise songs and the more focused ‘Flicker’ features delivered a showstopper of all the self-expressions and a spectrum of uncontainable emotions.


Taking his ‘Flicker Tour’ to future territories France, Australia and Japan and current country of the United Kingdom asking along ‘Nervous System’ singer Julia Michaels as a super support act, Niall Horan has hit the high road to sing his solo breakout record to capacities of thousands, a sequel to the sessions segment of the Flicker fort. “It’s no secret I’m going on tour. I can’t wait to get on the road it’s been a while since I properly toured and I love being on stage, it’s self-expressions fun travelling around. I can’t wait to do it again” speaks the blossomed brunette to Smallzy’s Surgery, before being announced as the newly youngest Irish millionaire. The Flicker world tour seems to have sold out successfully across various venues including the London based Brixton’s o2 Academy to be brandished so wealthy.


“Welcome to the ‘Flicker’ world tour. We try our best to give you value for money” warms the 24-year-old Irishman’s cordial voice to a fiercely loyal crowd capacity of 4,921 strong minded fans, palpably from Horan’s boyband history. As the room hummed harmoniously to One Direction Four favourite ‘Fools Gold’ and ‘Made In The A.M’ distinguished ‘Drag Me Down’ Niall provided nuggets of 2014/2015 nostalgia before commending the crowd in disbelief saying “You sound lovely. Still can’t believe we’re here”. From the audiences aurora shifting from reflection of Horan’s mellow brittle vocals in ‘Mirrors’ to joyful spirits of folk esque show closer ‘On My Own’, Niall got hot under the collar and removed his blazer jacket to his simply suave suit co-ordinate before second setlist song ‘The Tide’ which gained an almighty audience derived rip roar of a swoon that the singer shrugged off smugly saying “I’m actually a bit angry. I really like that jacket”.


Virtuoso value leveraged the ‘On The Loose’ crooners now setlist skills outside his gentle guitar. Past the positively refreshing minimalist production value of the ambient stage set, and armed with a cheerful and chirpy charisma backed by a 5 piece band Horan held the boldness to ask a generation of digitally obsessed young adults to do something rather taboo amongst today’s youth. Adjuring the audience to abandon their mobile phones temporarily “I want you to do something people rarely do these days and put your phone away for the next 3 minutes “. Apart from the rare social media live streaming rebel, a sea of solemn faces unlit by the rays of self-expressions devices and united in unison singing title track ‘Flicker’ compassionate chorus “Then I think if the start/ It echoes a spark/ And I remember the magic electricity/ Then I look in my heart/ There’s a light in the dark/ Still a flicker of hope that you first have to me”.


Classic covers, nostalgic nods and ‘Flicker’ figures fill up the acoustic atmosphere of small venues significantly more than the sweet sounds of Niall’s infectious giggle. Niall Horan managed an evening of musical merriness and tender fan engagement, that gave a glimmer of hope that the harsh boyband hiatus isn’t that bad after all.

Get tickets to ‘Niall Horan’s Flicker Tour’ here:

Niall Horan – Live

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