Harry Haribo, raised roses, Mitch moves and rotating Rubik’s. ‘Harry Styles Live On Tour’ hosts a sanctuary of liberation to be whoever you are and whoever you want to be where the arena audience relishes in the rockstars riptide of new songs, old classics and cover embodiments all the while bearing an unofficial welcome to the final London show, hope your wearing your best regalia clothes atmospheric essence.


Upscaling timid theatre venues to ample Arena locale, Harry Styles’ sizeable amelioration from apollo’s to arena’s contrasts capacity numbers running up to their tens of thousands difference. Fan limited tickets compromising for an intimate experience is a live aspect Styles spearheaded initially saying “This was my first tour and I really wanted to play some of these rooms I haven’t before”. Presently performing in company with Swedish-Brit sensation Mabel to raised levels of fan enfolded rainbow reflections onto dazzling disco ball overhangs on b platforms and custom constructed circular centre stages that illustrate a fuschia pink suited, signet stacked ring fingers, Rubik’s cube shuffling Styles, amid searching romantic comedies on Netflix, soul shaking screams and heavenly hymns opening ‘Only Angel’.



The songs self love club lyrics “Open up your eyes, shut your mouth and see/That I’m still the only one who’s been in love with me” states Styles as he is unveiled from under a dark discoid display, fashionably late to performance proceedings poised within the soul-shaking tall tent. Championing a collection of a glam rock graduate rocking black nail polish chaperoned by a uniquely bespoke Alexandra McQueen lively leopard print Rubik’s, the 24 year old strutted his stuff down the connecting walkway causing a catastrophic clattering of crowds feet. Delineating a generation of minimal flecks of males and fuschia gathering of females on the cusp of adulthood flocking to the floor barriers, harnessing a parallelism of frilly ditsy florals and smart striped suits to be within close proximity of the Gucci aficionado’s fashionably matured presence, prior to arriving alive at B stage to brilliantly perform Styles’ schmaltzy ‘Sweet Creature’ and One Direction selection ‘If I Could Fly’.


‘Sweet Creature’ sensibility and serenity saw an arena audience enfold into an array of rainbow echo’s, signifying the songs fellowship feelings igniting a warm place made to feel like home with a knowing feeling of belonging as Styles short stay on B stage was short lived, returning to seize his “Ten songs to my name” setlist statement. But armed with a dense discography, only having one album didn’t stop Styles remaining true to fan favourite fillers following in ‘Faith’ by George Michael facade within ‘Anna’ and ripping up the ruby red lighting with demeanours depicting Styles’ two sides of a sweet angel to a devilish creature during ‘Medicine’. Also apace with the staple solo rockier repertoire of grand glissando’s and dubbed duck quacking of ‘Woman’ plus the exotic energy of the tangy and tasteful closer ‘Kiwi’, seeing out the show in bona fide Harry Styles fashion featuring a wondrous whale water haze of mizzle mist.


Concluding with Styles’ spluttering of a waterworks exhibit, fuschia contagious confidence and contented charisma has compelled the Cheshire export into solo career destiny. Illuminating a boyband counterpart turned chivalrous chap into an individualised popular culture icon, the Harry Styles Live On Tour has produced a pop-rock reinvention of a performer, that flaunts a genus of multi medium talents of enjoyable entertainment to the modish mainstream multitudes.

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Harry Styles – Tour 

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